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Witnessing a "Crossing Over"

Almost every night I do a clearing of my home, meaning, I call in Archangel Michael and ask that he help usher the spirits in or around my home into the light. Usually, I can feel the energy leaving - it is more of a perception. I rarely have visions, and when I do they are almost always in black and white. Several weeks ago, however, I experienced a vision full of color where I witnessed several spirits cross over into the light.

I was laying in bed - it was too early to get up. After I repositioned to get comfortable, I could feel myself drifting, and suddenly I felt someone sit down on the bed beside me. I immediately called for the light, and a vision in color began to play out. I could see the young man that was sitting on my bed, and myself laying there. He was wearing a purple sports jacket. A bright golden light began to shine into my bedroom through the door, and he got up to follow it. He walked through the house, following the light, until he stopped in the kitchen. Archangel Michael was standing there, and the golden light had created a large vortex where the refrigerator normally is. A large purple convertible was sitting in the kitchen with four other passengers, and it felt like all of these people were waiting for him to join to cross over. He smiled, hopped in the backseat, and the car lifted and flew into the light.

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