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No, you didn't read that wrong.


"Beep," is the word that what appeared to be a spirit in his early twenties chose to YELL IN MY EAR just as I was drifting off to sleep last night. Needless to say I nearly jumped out of the bed and was extremely annoyed when I realized exactly what was going on and that I could see this individual in my mind's eye laughing before I very abruptly sent him into the light.


Out of all the things to yell at someone, why would you yell beep??? Several weeks ago a woman in spirit screamed in my ear, just straight up screamed her head off when I got up to get some water...but even that is better than beep because, in my mind, how long had she been trying to get my attention? How long had she been trying to get anyone's attention? Did she somehow feel like she was in distress? Unnecessary? Probably. Justifiable? Sure.

My mom (Ellen) channels mediumship sessions and she often says that when our loved ones pass over they do not lose their personalities or tendencies (whether good or bad) so during these sessions we can't expect them to be angelic or all knowing - they are still them just without a physical body.

I guess this was the case for my spirit friend the prankster who thought it would be hilarious to yell "BEEP!" at me...his way of asking for me to send him into the light.

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