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Q&A: Those on "The Spectrum"

People on the spectrum (currently called autistic but I will be glad when we are all just "human" no matter what) are sometimes deeply knowledgeable on one subject. Is this deep knowledge a more open connection to the timeless Universal web, and does it have any significance? Or maybe we all have that passion for a topic and some of us are just able to follow that desire more closely than others.

"Yes, is the answer to your question. Earth is evolving, the human race is evolving, and these souls who have come before and are coming now who have been labeled by humanity as being "autistic" have come into this world in order to pave the way for compassion, tolerance of what is not "the norm," as well as expanding the collective mindset from a spiritual and emotional point of view, meaning ALL have talents and gifts to share that do make the world a better place. Savants, as they have been called, incarnate in order to impact MANY in a way that is unique to THEM using talents and skills that they have spent LIFETIMES developing and still have access to on a conscious level. They are HIGHLY advanced souls who choose to incarnate in such a way to allow them to use their gifts to change the world. A deeper understanding from a spiritual standpoint is often had, one that is instinctual and not seen as separate to the individual because it simply is part of their conscious existence and it allows them to access their soul knowledge to channel their strengths through their gifts. Know that sometimes the significance is for karmic resolution and healing for those closest to the individual to help ALL expand and grow through their interactions with and care for them.

So, yes, it is significant for the growth of all on an individual and collective level."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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2 comentários

very interesting insight, as always! Thank you.

Ellen Brock
Ellen Brock
15 de jul. de 2021
Respondendo a

Thank you Laura! :) :)

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