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Lifelong Learners

This is a saying that I first learned during a professional development workshop when I was still teaching middle school English. It holds true in every aspect of Life. It is a saying that I teach my children and also describe myself as such because there is ALWAYS something new to experience or learn.

We thought it was important to share how much we value the trust you all place in us when asking questions or sharing information with us necessary for channeling answers or specific information from your spiritual teams. As you learn, we also learn! Through this work and the information that is channeled through us, we have been able to expand our own understanding of the immense Universe around us just as you have.

We thank you for allowing us the privilege of journeying with you and expanding alongside you. As you all grow, so do we!

Blessings, love, and light!

Ellen and Kelly

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1 Comment

So beautiful. You both are loved, trusted and appreciated.

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