Developing Your Spiritual Awareness and Intuition

Informational Self-Paced Course with

Introspective Exercises and Guided Meditations


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We know that many people are searching for spiritual enlightenment and experiences, for ways to increase their own intuition and awareness of the energies and entities around them, and to hear and see their guides and angels. We have been asked a variation of this question many times (and even asked it ourselves): How do I increase my spiritual/psychic abilities?


We have created this course as a way for you to take a step back and truly begin to notice yourself and the elements in your life that are already sharing guidance with you in their own unique ways. Each portion of this course contains daily exercises for you to complete/use as a guide as you learn to tune out distractions and tune into the spiritual guidance surrounding you and residing within you. The following topics will be explored:

  • Your Spiritual Team (spirit guides, angels, ancestors/deceased loved ones, spirit animals, mystical beings, etc.)

  • What Your Bodies Share/The Chakra System

  • Observing Your Surroundings

  • Your Shadow Self

  • Past Life Work

  • Working with Spiritual Tools (Crystals, Essential Oils, Oracle and Tarot Cards)

  • Working with your Nightly Dreams

  • Channeling Exercises


Our "Course Add On: Spiritual Tools for Course Exercises" provides tools and resources to help supplement course exercises and information. It includes:

  • 1 small travel sized journal

  • 1 crystal garnished unscented candle

  • 1 medium sized clear quartz crystal

  • 1 mini oracle or tarot card deck

  • 1 mini glass jar of assorted crystal chips, sage and palo santo clippings, and dried botanicals

  • 1 chakra correspondence chart (This will be sent as an attachment to your EMAIL)


Our "Course Add On: Additional Support with Ellen and Kelly" allows you to ask any 5 questions related to the course or for additional direction/support to further your understanding.

Here's what our clients have said:

"I am a frequent visitor at Ellen and Kelly's shop because I've had so many fantastic readings from them. When I saw that they developed a self-based course, I had to bite. There's so much useful and important information in this course. I would highly recommend it for anyone working on developing their intuitive abilities." - Susan

"This course is full of great information! It has given me a better understanding of the aspects of spiritual guidance. There are some really good exercises to help develop your intuition as well as great channeled guided meditations to balance each chakra." - Ana

"Very clear and comprehensive! I found it empowering!" - Kathleen

"There's a lot of information and its quality content!" - Fay

"Wow - there is so much information here!! Courses on intuitive development are usually out of reach because they cost so much. I am so grateful that Ellen and Kelly are focused on helping people- not money!! Thank you so much for sharing your gifts & knowledge- I look forward to working through this comprehensive course at my own pace 😁" - Kelli

"Love it." - Chris

"Great read and advice! Definitely will be taking my time to work through the great info!" - Quynh

"Found this to be very accurate and in line with other texts/ beliefs. Really “tied” everything together for me. Thank you ladies!!!" - Anjelica

"Super helpful! I can't wait to start to work through the workbook." - Christina


"Quick download and lots of information." - Sharon

"Wonderful course! Full of so much helpful information. Thank you for this!" - Stephanie

"I've never come across more accurate readers. Ellen and Kelly are more gifted than most of us realize. They are genuine, non-judgmental and trust-worthy. I've learned from their course on spiritual development, which I'm still reading through, and find their readings, dream interpretations and portraits PRICELESS. I've had skeptical family members be helped through their readings as well! For all of this, I can't convey my gratitude enough, or articulate the value of what they offer." - Donna

"There's a lot of information in it! I know this will help me a lot." - Song Mi

"I thoroughly enjoyed it, I especially appreciated all the practical advice. :) Thank you so much!" - Eva

And given 5 out of 5 stars by: Natasha, Felicia, Johanna, Madeline, Brenda, Chris, Kynlee, and Stephanie


Remember, everyone’s spiritual journey is DIFFERENT and UNIQUE. Be patient with yourself as well as with the unfolding of your intuitive and spiritual awareness and abilities. Be open to what manifests in your life and be willing to go with the flow. There is no right or wrong way for spiritual development to occur!

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