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Q&A: On Helping Souls Cross Over

Why do some spirits need help crossing over?

“The term “crossing over” truly refers to the process of the soul being released from the physical form which vibrates at a heavier more dense frequency that matches that of the Earthly realm. When the soul is released from the physical vessel, there are many from that soul’s spiritual team, as well as others, there to greet and assist in helping them navigate the journey to the other side, which means helping them to reacclimate to a higher vibrational frequency of existence. Most souls can do this on their own or are willing and ready to ascend through the layers of vibration/frequency.

With the density of human life comes the range of complex emotions that are experienced by humanity. When a soul is not willing to release the dense emotions at the time of physical passing it cannot move on and in some cases it refuses. This is due to the inability to release the heavier vibrations caused by more negative emotions experienced in Earth’s dimension of existence. By holding onto them they cannot ascend to the higher frequency of existence needed to leave the Earthly realm. This is where the term “unfinished business” comes into play. 

Remaining Earthbound, we shall say, is draining for the soul, and they naturally seek out lightworkers when they are ready to “cross over” in an attempt to raise their own vibrations high enough so they can ascend. Lightworkers’ vibrations are heightened because they have a more sensitive spiritual awareness and can share their “light,” their heightened vibrations through acknowledgment of the soul – sometimes this is unconscious, and other times it is conscious – which gives the soul enough “energy” to ascend.”

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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