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Meeting Rasco

For any of you who are struggling with fear in a way that you've been praying to not see spirits, save this post for another day's read when you are at the point that you are working to overcome the fear. Adding to anyone's anxiety over awakening to the spiritual realm is NOT what I or my mom EVER want to do. Awakening is a PROCESS and it took YEARS for both of us to be (mostly) comfortable with being in tune.

Several months ago one of my mystical helpers, an Elf by the name of Rasco, decided to introduce himself to me through an extremely creepy and unsettling dream.

He was trying to get my attention...and boy did he get it!!!

Interestingly enough, this dream had information dealing with past lives. It took awhile for my mom and I to completely dissect its meaning (and channeled the portion we couldn't figure out - thanks spiritual peeps!) and we basically came to the conclusion that traumatic experiences within past lives stay with us and are "pinged" when vibrations of people of outer stimuli are experienced that had similar vibrations to those experiences. Another large portion of the dream dealt with moving BEYOND the past in order to use what you learned to create the life you want to live.

Enter Rasco.

In the dream, I was walking through an auditorium in a group with a large white projector screen, making my way to the next room. The lights shut out, putting us all in total darkness, and these goblin looking creatures began descending on everyone. I hid, trying to take cover, and one of them came very close to me and said right in my ear, "You can't hide - we've always been with you."

Naturally, I woke up because it was SUPER creepy, and AS I woke up I became very aware that the words seemed to echo, like they'd just been spoken IN the room, and my ear was hot like someone had just whispered into it. 😳

Events like this are my indicator that it wasn't just a dream.

I focused in on him and saw a being that looked like a cross of the house elves from the Harry Potter movies and a small child, and while he's a mischievous fellow (as noted by his introduction) he's now my buddy who has apparently been my friend for a LONG time. He likes knocking on walls at night and I have a permanent altar in my working office with crystals and natural objects to thank him for his help. :)

Our spiritual beings say this about working with Mystical Beings, "These beings reside within a different dimensional plane and help you to connect with the Physical aspect of your existence, for you are all children of Spirit AND Nature. They are more playful in their existence and are fluid in the manner in which they provide assistance, so it is important to keep your intentions positive when you invoke one of these beings for help. Just as YOU can align yourself with the dark or the light, so can they."

Notice what natural elements catch your attention and what mystical being you feel drawn to - if you have a particular interest or feel strongly that a certain being is with you, they are. Be sure to thank these beings for their assistance. They aren't truly obligated to help like other members of your spiritual team, so gratitude on your end helps them feel appreciated. :)

Curious about what mystical being may be guiding you? Check out our Basic Mystical Helpers Channeled Message, which was inspired by Rasco, available in both of our shop locations! :)

Blessings, love, and light!


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