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How Spirit Speaks

Our spiritual guardians often advise us as a human race to notice signs, symbols, and “coincidences” within our daily activities, and to keep an open mind in regards to how they communicate with us. With everything we have going in on our lives, sensory and mental overload can make this difficult. I wanted to take the time to share an example of how this played out for me recently:

Last week I was looking for highchair straps that my husband and I thought we were done with until our very determined baby Houdini-ed herself out of her seat and onto the attached highchair table. (Don't worry - as you can see, I was right there and held onto her while she did it...laughing and maybe even applauding her cheerful determination. I mean, look at that face!)

The week before, I’d placed the straps on the top shelf in her closet to pack up later...however, when I went to get them they weren't there. I knew I’d put them there! I remembered thinking to myself that it was a great spot because I'd see them when it was time to pack up clothes she'd soon grow out of, and I could put them with the rest of the baby gear.

But they definitely weren’t there.

So, I moved bags of clothes around looking to see if they had fallen or got tucked under something. Just then, as I'd leaned over to look on the floor, a shirt from one of the bags of clothes fell on my head. Without thinking twice, I tossed the shirt back in the bag and headed to the laundry closet to see if I’d actually put them on that top shelf, even though I knew I hadn’t.

After less than thirty seconds' worth of a search, I went back into the baby’s room to stare into the closet, confused as to where they had gone and trying to figure out what I was going to use as makeshift straps. I heard a slight crinkle noise and saw the opened bag from earlier, the one with the shirt that had dive-bombed my head, had slumped over slightly. The gears in my brain started to turn, and I reached in.

Right underneath that shirt were the highchair straps.

* * * * *

Spirit spoke to me that morning, telling me where those straps were and guiding me to their exact location. I could have easily dismissed it as weird coincidences that a shirt from that bag fell on my head and then that bag happened to move slightly because I had been rummaging around up there. But I listened and received the guidance as it presented itself to me. Spirit guides us always, but we must allow ourselves to notice and see it in the way it comes, not how we think it should come.

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