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Healing the Present through the Past

Updated: Jan 24

For us, 2024 began with a BANG consisting of an explosion of past life readings in our shop! Surprisingly, this was NOT a surprise for us because for months now we have been receiving information from our guides in readings for ourselves and for others that we are all in the middle of releasing old energies and emotions from the past…and it only makes sense that this clearing out of energies isn't just tied to earlier in our current lifetime.


I have said for years that while it’s really cool to know about past lifetimes, particularly ones that explain fear, dreams, likes, dislikes, etc., the importance of learning about specific past lifetimes (especially the ones that come forward and make themselves known during a regression, dream, vision, or channeling session) is through understanding areas for personal growth and healing that can be applied to your CURRENT lifetime. In understanding the past, we can learn and evolve, which not only helps us in our current lifetime but also heals all of the past and future versions of ourselves.

We would like to thank you all for your continued support, and we look forward to walking along with you on your journey of growth, healing, and enlightenment in this new year of 2024.

Blessing, love, and light!

Kelly and Ellen

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