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Q&A on Being a "Bad Person" in a Past Life

I have remembered past lives through dreams and regression where I've done some pretty terrible things. Why did I choose to do that? Does this make me evil?

""Beloved, we first wish to share this - ALL souls experience lifetimes that are good and bad, lifetimes in which you made bad choices and good choices, lifetimes in which you were the villain and the hero. This does NOT mean that you are evil, this simply means that your soul wished to experience circumstances that allowed for a more complex existence in hopes of making choices that supported positive developmental growth. But this is not always the case. Sometimes, a group of souls decide to play the role of the villain in order to bring about a positive change from a global standpoint, and THIS is often the overarching reason why you incarnated at a certain place in a certain time with a certain group of souls. You, along with many others, agree to incarnate into a particular region in that particular time period to fulfill this role IF the choices were made to lead into horrific experiences. On a personal level, your soul hopes to see through illusions, manipulations, and fear in order to develop in a positive way, but because conscious living contains a constant barrage of emotions and endless choices as well as a need to survive, sometimes you are not able to fulfill your individual plans. Take heart in knowing that karma accrued in this way are ALWAYS balanced so you experience BOTH sides of situations in which you took part in willingly or unwillingly. From a global standpoint, your involvement, as well as other souls, with these experiences ultimately allow the world to become more tolerant, accepting, and opened minded as it ascends to a higher dimension of vibrational existence - in short, it allows for growth through empathy. So there is no need to feel ashamed of "bad" lifetimes, beloved. While choices were made out of fear and caused suffering, you have learned valuable lessons from a soul level in regards to treating ALL as EQUAL and finding compassion and acceptance for yourself and others. The human experience is all about GROWTH, and in order to grow and expand you must have ALL of the experiences life has to offer - the positive AND the negative."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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