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Q& A on Past Life Relevance

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

"As we grow and become more aware of our plan for this lifetime, does the past life that has most relevance on our current life change? (In other words, as we grow and change, do other past lives and past life experiences become more relevant?)"

"Yes. All souls experience different themes, different karmic challenges, different experiences, and different relationships all within one lifetime. Yes, there are some themes and goals that last a lifetime, but within this overacting goal or purpose for the lifetime are little lessons and goals put in place by the soul to help release or heal karmic issues or to help them attain their goals or another that they have contracted to assist. Most souls live hundreds of lifetimes in incarnations within Earth as well as other Galaxies and Planets, so there are many lifetimes or even just aspects of certain lifetimes that influence or hold valuable information for a soul within a certain period of existence within an incarnation. Think of it this way: A college student would not enjoy or receive benefit from a learning standpoint if given the same reading material as a preschool aged child. As you migrate through life, overcoming and struggling, maturing, growing, and expanding, the lifetimes that hold the most relevance do indeed change, though ALL are important in understanding how you have and continue to develop from a spiritual standpoint."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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1 Comment

Delightful to have this information, as always! Yes, I guess it would also change depending on which other souls we were connecting with at the time. Many factors at play!

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