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Ghosts...and Bathroom Privacy?


This is an observation that I felt compelled to share, maybe because this is the third time this week that a ghost has been waiting for me right outside the bathroom door or maybe because it's somewhat hilarious to think about.

I think some ghosts (I will not go so far as to say most) respect the bathroom privacy. 🤯

I have never had one follow me into the bathroom, regardless of why I was entering, and they are always waiting for me when I open the door. Have any of you had any experience with this? I'd love to know your thoughts or experiences. I know it's silly, but this is blowing my mind! 😂

So they're totally fine and good waking me up at night, but the second the bathroom door closes they become patient...I guess? And...thanks?


Ok- So I don't usually bust in on Kelly's posts, lol, but I just had to share this experience about the honoring of bathroom privacy by spirits:

I think it was back in 2019- before the pandemic- when Kelly and her family had come 'home' for a visit. (As you may or may not know, Kelly is my daughter and we live in different states.) We had all settled in for the night in the bedroom wing of the house, Kelly and her husband in one of the front bedrooms, the girls in their rooms, and me in my bedroom in the back of the house. My husband- Kelly's dad- had settled in another room of the house on the air mattress, lol, needing his Quiet.

At some point during the night, I became aware of a few knocks on my headboard. I am pretty much a scaredy cat at night, so I of course tried to ignore it. Nope. Then I heard scratching on the sheets beside me and had the impression of a little boy- in my mind's eye- standing beside the bed. In just a second I saw his father's arm appear and I told both of them to go to the light.

The next morning, as soon as I could, I made my way to Kelly's room to tell her what had happened, because these types of 'in your face' experiences usually happen to Her, not to me.

After sharing my story with her, it all made sense.

Here is what happened:

Kelly had been sick during the night- IN THE BATHROOM- and evidently the boy and his father had come looking for her to assist them in going into the Light, discovered she was in the bathroom sick, and came to MY room instead. How about that for polite, bathroom privacy respecting, sensitive souls?? We were both amazed!



I do not entertain ghosts and have as little to do with them conversation wise as possible. They are low vibrational beings that feed off fear and negativity, and there are spiritual forces waiting to heal them once they cross over. It's not my job to fix them, only to call in the light and the angels when I feel their presence so they can cross over and be at peace. But if they don't leave, tell them they are not welcome around you ever again, call in Archangel Michael, visualize white light taking them outside the perimeter of your home, and then visualize that you are surrounded by angels. The presence will fade and you will feel settled. More often than not, they will go into the light, but it's always good to have tools in your back pocket. 😊

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