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An Extremely Active Night...And Early Morning

Some nights (and days) seem to be more active than others in regards to knockings, sensations, or feeling a presence(s) around me. For example, during the holidays it feels like my home is CROWDED with spirits or ghosts either wanting to make themselves known or trying to cross over. As I'm sitting here typing right now, there's not too much going on other than the man in the corner of the room who seems jealous that I can sip on coffee...and appalled that I have consciously acknowledged that fact (and who has also just crossed over into the light).

Yesterday was a different story. All throughout the night there were random knocks, shuffles, and scrapes (which my husband could somehow miraculously sleep through). When I got up, I felt a bit of paranoia like I was being watched, but dismissed it and headed to the shower. When a big thump sounded against the bedroom door, I panicked slightly, knowing my husband was already headed to work and that our cats were not large enough to make that loud of a noise. So, after checking the house and not finding anything out of the ordinary, I finished my shower and resumed getting ready for the day. It wasn't until I was putting on my make-up that I heard the sound of a little girl humming "Ring Around the Rosie."

Now, it was just after 5:00 am and I knew both my girls were still asleep (even though I did check the youngest's monitor). Tuning into the spiritual plane, I could see a little girl laughing, delighted that she'd caught my attention, and then turning and running joyfully back into the light.

I don't feel this girl was a ghost - I think she was just a spirit popping in for whatever reason, BUT I do not entertain ghosts and have as little to do with them conversation wise as possible. They are low vibrational beings that feed off fear and negativity, and there are spiritual forces waiting to heal them once they cross over. It's not my job to fix them, only to call in the light and the angels when I feel their presence so they can cross over and be at peace. But if they don't leave, tell them they are not welcome around you ever again, call in Archangel Michael, visualize white light taking them outside the perimeter of your home, and then visualize that you are surrounded by angels. The presence will fade and you will feel settled. More often than not, they will go into the light, but it's always good to have tools in your back pocket. 😊

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