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A Circle of Ghosts

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Don't worry - my ghosty experience this morning wasn't as ominous as the title sounds! My experience stuck with me long enough today that I felt like I needed to share it - that there was someone who needed to read this so they know that there is really nothing to be afraid of when you have any kind of encounter with ghosts or beings within the spiritual realm.

Now, for any of you who are struggling with fear in a way that you've been praying to not see spirits, save this post for another day's read when you are at the point that you are working to overcome the fear. Adding to anyone's anxiety over awakening to the spiritual realm is NOT what I or my mom EVER want to do. Awakening is a PROCESS and it took YEARS for both of us to be (mostly) comfortable with being in tune.

Early this morning I was dreaming that I was being chased...but I was also turning back to drag people along - there was a sense of urgency in the dream, so much so that I woke up and felt unsettled. Then I saw in my mind that I was circled by seven individuals that were all looking down at me. At first I thought it was my spiritual team...until I realized that I didn't recognize any of them, didn't feel my team's normal loving and peaceful vibes, and remembered that my spiritual team knows that I HATE to wake up and see anyone staring at me...

In annoyance at being woken up by ghosts (since I have a hard time falling asleep AND seem to be lacking in sleep recently AND because I "clear" my house each night before going to sleep to allow spirits to pass over), I immediately called in Archangel Michael to have him usher them into the light.

Just as I have stated in previous posts, it's important to know that speaking with and feeling spiritual guardians, angels, passed loved ones, or higher vibrational beings of the light is different than encounters with ghosts. I also want to say that MOST of the time, ghosts just want to get your attention so they can be acknowledged and go into the light to move on. I do not entertain ghosts and have as little to do with them conversation wise as possible. It's not my job to fix them, only to call in the light and the angels when I feel their presence so they can cross over and be at peace.

For those of you who needed to read this - that is ALL you have to do. If they don't leave, tell them they are not welcome around you ever again, visualize white light taking them outside the perimeter of your home, and then visualize that you are surrounded by angels. The presence will fade and you will feel settled. More often that not, they will go into the light, but it's always good to have tools in your back pocket. :)

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