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Paw Prints on Our Hearts

My parent's cat died a few week's ago.

My mom said she knew he was gone as soon as my dad told her Mitty Kitty hadn't come up for his breakfast. Not because he didn't come up to eat (although he sure loved food), but because she had seen him dart through the living room earlier that morning, but no one had seen him to let him in the house.

My dad found his body in the early afternoon. All of us were sad, especially my mom. Needless to say, Mitty has let her know several times that he's still hanging out with her around the house. She was especially comforted when she heard him early one morning coming down the hall toward her bedroom meowing, like he frequently used to do.

He also let me know while my family was staying with my parents over the holidays by meowing loudly through the baby monitor and curling up on my bed, leaving a kitty imprint for my foot to dip into.

Our pets truly become our family and their absence is felt, but it's important for us to know that just as our friends and family who have passed, they are still around to help, love, and support us in whatever way we need.

No one, human or animal, ever truly leaves us.

Be on the lookout for two new listings inspired by our pal Mitty which will be available in our Etsy shop later this month.

(The photo shown of Mitty compliments of our friend Trevor Hamlett with Shoot to Soar Productions.)

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