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This Morning's Ghosty Encounter

After the brief ghosty encounter I had this morning, I had the very strong feeling that I needed to share it in a blog post - that there was someone who needed to read this so they know that there is really nothing to be afraid of after you get around the creepiness factor of it all (because, yes, there is a creepiness factor - there's a reason this kind of thing is in scary movies, which is why I don't watch them).

Now, for any of you who are struggling with fear in a way that you've been praying to not see anything disturbing, save this post for another day's read when you are at the point that you are working to overcome the fear. Adding to anyone's anxiety over awakening to the spiritual realm is NOT what I or my mom EVER want to do. Awakening is a PROCESS and it took YEARS for both of us to be (mostly) comfortable with being in tune.

I also want to say that speaking with and feeling spiritual guardians, angels, passed loved ones, or higher vibrational beings of the light is different than encounters with ghosts. I also want to say that MOST of the time, ghosts just want to get your attention so they can be acknowledged and go into the light to move on. But even if they don't want to move on, they CANNOT hurt you - startle and unsettle, sure, but not hurt.

All that being said, now I'm going to preface the encounter by saying my husband has been at a conference out of state for several days. That has left me alone with our young girls day...and night (and I tip my hat to all the single parents out there - you guys are superheroes). This has allowed me to come to terms with several past life carried over fears I have and work through them. As I stated in a previous blog post, one of the biggies is waking up and finding someone staring at me with a malicious smile on their face. This is creepy within itself, but also an irrational fear I've had for as long as I can remember. So, keeping all this in we go!


My alarm went off at 5:20 this morning and I jerked awake, having been in a nice dream in my warm bed. As I sat up, I had an unsettled feeling and the impression and mental image of a man swinging from a noose, head tilted, smiling at me in a psychotic "I'm trying to creep you out" kind of way in the corner of my bedroom. Gross.

I thought to myself, "Oh, this is just me being paranoid. Take a deep breath. No one is out to get you this time around. It's all good, you're safe and protected, and you've got to get up." So, that's what I did. As I was doing my morning routine, I thought about it again and realized that "Huh, I've never had a noose associated with my fears before. That was probably a ghost."

And sure enough, it was! So I tuned in and here was our conversation:

Man: (said cockily and floated his noose self just outside the bathroom door) Ah, so it worked.

Me: (annoyed) Okay, you got my attention. It's time for you to leave now. Take off the noose and go into the light.

Man: (still smug) Nah, I don't think I want to go yet.

Me: (dryly): Well, you can't stay here. If you decide not to go you won't be able to come back in my house or contact me again, and when you do decide you're ready you won't be able to let me know. So...

Man: (abashed and slowly takes off the noose from around his neck): Oh, well, I guess I'll go now.

Me: Good call. (Visualizes the light and calls in Archangel Michael to get him. The man leaves.)


The take away from this is, yes, the way this ghosty got my attention was gross, unsettling, and unnecessary. He was stubborn, smug, and demanding (and this is probably how he was when he was living in a physical body) but I DID NOT give away my power and let my fears take over. I stayed firm, trusted that my spiritual team would banish him from my presence if he decided not to go into the light, and I knew he COULD NOT HURT ME. Shock, yes, and he did. But hurt? NO.

I do not entertain ghosts and have as little to do with them conversation wise as possible. They are low vibrational beings that feed off fear and negativity, hence his introduction, and there are spiritual forces waiting to heal them once they cross over. It's not my job to fix them, only to call in the light and the angels when I feel their presence so they can cross over and be at peace.

For those of you who needed to read this - that is ALL you have to do. If they don't leave, tell them they are not welcome around you ever again, visualize white light taking them outside the perimeter of your home, and then visualize that you are surrounded by angels. The presence will fade and you will feel settled. More often that not, they will go into the light, but it's always good to have tools in your back pocket. :)

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