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Last Night's "Bump in the Night"

I thought I would share the joint experience that my husband and I had last night. For those of you who want Spirit to communicate with you, but are also afraid of that communication and look for rational causes for it, this is for you. :)


*9:45pm (because we have two small children and stay exhausted): kids are asleep in bed, cats have been lovingly tossed out of our bedroom, and my husband and I are in the process of falling asleep.

WHAM! (it sounds like a shoe has been thrown up against our bedroom wall)

Me: (sits straight up) "Was that in the room?"

Husband (aka skeptic of everything spiritual and supernatural): "It was the ghost."

Me: (looking around the room) Maybe...

Husband: The raccoons might be back.

Me: (gets up to investigate in the bedroom to see if something had fallen as well as walk out of the room to make sure the cats have not made any mischief - all is quiet and well)

Husband: (jokingly) "It was the ghost."

Me: (serious) "Maybe. I haven't cleared the house yet."

Husband: "What?"

Me: "Yeah, it could be a ghost. I haven't cleared the house yet."

Husband: (weirded out because I usually don't share this spiritual stuff with him other than to say "I'm working") "What do you mean 'cleared?'"

Me: (getting back into bed) "I have to clear the house of ghosts every night before I go to sleep or I have a line of people waking me up all night to tell me how they died. I haven't done it yet and I don't want people waking me up."

Husband: (silence)

Me: (wanting to get the final jab and make a point that relates to a conversation had a few weeks ago know...for fun): And, you know, it wasn't too long ago that we were talking about how spirits communicate by knocking on the

Husband: (silence)

Me: (sees his grandfather standing on his side of the bed in my mind's eye laughing - I resist the urge to cross an additional line, but smile to myself and secretly hope that he's been a little freaked out and finally believes me.)


Even after years of communicating with spirits and channeling, I still try to find a rational reason for "bumps in the night" even when I know the true source - I think that's just being human!

*For those of you who have a loved one who doesn't believe in the spiritual realm, know that it truly is an awakening process. Know what to share and what to hold back, be patient, and never waver in your own beliefs. Your spiritual team can offer additional support to everyone. :) An entire chapter in the book that my mom and I are writing is actually dedicated to this.

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