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The Dream That Began My Dream

About seven years ago I woke up from a dream that changed my life.

A dream that fueled me with a purpose.

A dream that brought a part of myself that had been lying dormant to the surface.

In the dream, I lived in a world that had been taken over through force, death, and destruction. Monstrous, fuzzy, neon orange spiders had been released into the world by the government. Anyone bit by the spiders died instantly. Their venom had been altered to contaminate others, transforming them into zombie-like individuals that the government could control.

The new world leaders had armed these “zombies” with guns filled with vials of altered venom to contaminate as many people as they could. Through this tactic, they had taken over the world.

Anyone who was left went into hiding, willingly complied with the government’s command to remain “in control” of their bodies and minds, or formed a resistance group. I was part of a resistance group located in the middle of a swamp. As I worked tirelessly on analyzing some type of data, my mind wandered back to years earlier.

I was rowing in a boat with my older cousin. We were reminiscing about our lives together in a tearful goodbye. She had come into contact with the spider venom and was about to die. She all too soon flung herself overboard to take her death into her own hands, not wanting to experience the pain that came with dying from the bite.

All of a sudden, a swarm of “zombie” soldiers burst into our base and began shooting members of our team. Our leader yelled at me to run and I was able to escape. In true dream-like fashion, I soon found myself running through a very populated mall as this “zombie” soldier shot vials of venom my way. One soon struck my hand as I attempted to duck behind a bank teller desk, and I physically felt my hand begin to go numb. I knew I was becoming one of them.


The dream stayed with me for weeks. It’d been so real. The mission my dream self had been gifted with was still racing in my mind. I soon began to formulate a story of an unnamed heroine. One who would have to overcome her own insecurities in order to fulfill a desire to avenge her beloved cousin’s death, but ultimately to survive.

The Shadows Series was born from this dream. While the original premise was ultimately modeled into a truly undead world zombie style, the original message stayed the same. Whatever you believe in and whatever you are passionate about is worth fighting for no matter what may stand in your way, even if it’s your own fears, anxieties, or circumstances. You fight and give it your all, because the true failure is settling for what's easy. Pursuing your dreams is the purest way to honor your true self and your soul purpose. It's amazing to me how many deeper spiritual themes are woven within this story, and I'm the author!

You can read more about each book on the Novels page of this website.

Book 1 - 3 are available now in ebook and print version on Amazon (visit the Novels page of this website for direct links to each book) and we will begin selling print copies in our shop next month!

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