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Kelly has written several short stories (some of which will soon be available to read on the Blog page), and has written three novels within a divinely inspired series, is the co-author of a novel with her father, Gary, and is in the process of co-authoring a book with Ellen.  

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The Shadows Series



The premise of this series was divinely inspired by an extremely vivid dream. The dream haunted Kelly for days before she ultimately decided to put it into words. Each book in the series has its own distinct theme, discovered through spirit channeling, as a lesson that we as human beings can benefit from. You can read about the dream and the creation of Jess' story here!

Book One: Shadows of Darkness

Jessica Miller knows three things for certain: 1.) Government agents want her dead. 2.) Zombies are no longer fictional beings from ghost stories. 3.) Her only hope for safety may not exist.

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Book Two: Light in Darkness

Elsie is dead. Zombies are devouring the country. Unit Z remains a constant threat. And, to Jessica Miller, the mountains seem farther away than ever before. Now that they are alone, Jess and her younger sister, Sophie, must fight against all odds as they cling to survival. New dangers emerge as they desperately trek through the increasingly mountainous countryside in hopes of finding their only promise of safety: the havens. With waning endurance, and diminishing supplies, Jess must harness her newfound strength to relentlessly push forward. Or become prey to the mounting perils lurking in the shadows.

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Book Three: Consumed by Darkness

After learning Will’s brother Cam is still alive, Jess, along with Will, Tanya, and Daniel, leaves the promise of safety to embark on a perilous rescue mission with only a whisper of his whereabouts. A journey that will lead them straight into Unit Z Headquarters. Disguised as the very soldiers ordered to kill her, Jess soon discovers the truth behind her haunted past, destroying the foundation on which she has rebuilt herself. The gravest threat to Jess’ well being is no longer the corpses devouring the remainder of the living world, but the growing darkness poisoning her mind.

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Book Four: Embracing Darkness

Details to be announced!

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Who's That Knocking on the Headboard?

For Ellen and Kelly, communicating with angels, guides, and spirits (ahem, dead people) is a part of their daily routine. It has become their normal.​ But that wasn't always the case. It was a very long and sometimes very frightening road the two of them traveled until they ultimately came to these conclusions (with the guidance of our dreams and spirit guides, of course):
  1. Their purpose for this lifetime is to not only help departed spirits pass on to "the light," but to provide comfort, closure, and healing to the living souls still on the earthly plane. Living on Earth is not always easy - whew! 
  2. To teach others how to use their own spiritual gifts (yes, everyone has them) and tools to develop their own intuition to help them through life's many, many ups and downs.
  3. To share the divine messages from spirit communicated through them with the world to help spread light and love to all.
This book is a collaboration between the experiences that Ellen and Kelly have had. It contains the following:
  • Personal experiences with angels, spirit guides, spirit animals, and "ghosts."
  • Channeled messages from spirit meant for you (yes, YOU!).
  • An explanation of the many tools that you can utilize to tune into the spiritual guidance you are being given every second of every day.
  • Tips and daily practices that we have found beneficial in our own spiritual journey.
They sincerely hope you will join them on their journey as they help you travel yours! And remember, not everything that goes bump in the night is scary! 
Release Date: To Be Announced

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