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The Shadows Series


The premise of this series was divinely inspired by an extremely vivid dream. The dream haunted Kelly for days before she ultimately decided to put it into words. Each book in the series has its own distinct theme, discovered through spirit channeling, as a lesson that we as human beings can benefit from. You can read about the dream and the creation of Jess' story here!

Book One: Shadows of Darkness
Jessica Miller knows three things for certain: 1.) Government agents want her dead. 2.) Zombies are no longer fictional beings from ghost stories. 3.) Her only hope for safety may not exist.
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"I couldn't put this book down! From the moment I picked it up, I was hooked. When you first meet the characters, you relive your own childhood alongside their home life, because you can relate to the natural feel of it all, bringing back all of the teenage fears, love of a family, and sibling rivalry you've known before. Suddenly, you're swept into an alternative story line that completely throws you for a loop full of the shadows and life-threatening excitement the author promises. I saw every line come to life in my mind as I read and I cannot wait to see what happens next!" - Kaitlyn

"This book has it all: Action, romance, suspense, intrigue. I was drawn in from the first page. I can not wait for the sequel!" - E.R

"What a great story! I could not put it down. The words flow like water. The characters are strong, well-developed. An excellent read!" - Sara

"Great book with a twist on the zombie genre. I was hooked from the first and can't wait for the sequel!" - Catherine

"A great dystopias and like the characters." - Nancy

"I really loved this book! I think it's geared towards young adults, but that anyone can really get into it. I couldn't put it down, and I'm not even a huge fan of zombie novels. I'm eagerly awaiting the next book." - Mary

Book Two: Light in Darkness
Elsie is dead. Zombies are devouring the country. Unit Z remains a constant threat. And, to Jessica Miller, the mountains seem farther away than ever before. Now that they are alone, Jess and her younger sister, Sophie, must fight against all odds as they cling to survival. New dangers emerge as they desperately trek through the increasingly mountainous countryside in hopes of finding their only promise of safety: the havens. With waning endurance, and diminishing supplies, Jess must harness her newfound strength to relentlessly push forward. Or become prey to the mounting perils lurking in the shadows.
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"Excellent book! Ms. Tuck has done a wonderful job moving the story along in this sequel! I am ready for #3!! - E.R.

"Touching, engaging zombie story!" - Lyn

Book Three: Consumed by Darkness
After learning Will’s brother Cam is still alive, Jess, along with Will, Tanya, and Daniel, leaves the promise of safety to embark on a perilous rescue mission with only a whisper of his whereabouts. A journey that will lead them straight into Unit Z Headquarters. Disguised as the very soldiers ordered to kill her, Jess soon discovers the truth behind her haunted past, destroying the foundation on which she has rebuilt herself. The gravest threat to Jess’ well being is no longer the corpses devouring the remainder of the living world, but the growing darkness poisoning her mind.
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"I love this series and can't wait for Book 4! It draws the reader in and won't let go! Incredibly believable. Suspenseful and surprising plot twists await the reader. A many-leveled story. It has touched my heart. Thank you Ms. Tuck!" - E.R.

Book Four: Embracing Darkness
Details to be announced!


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