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Book Excerpt: A Note From the Authors

We hope you will enjoy the introduction from our book "Who's Knocking on the Headboard: Guidance for Embracing Your Spiritual Awakening!"

*Available for purchase in both shops and on Amazon! (Links are listed below.)

"Everyone has the ability to access the guidance and information that is shared with them by their spiritual team. We know what you’re thinking. Yeah, yeah, sure, sure. Then why aren’t they talking to me? I tell them I’m ready and nothing happens. I just want them to talk to me or show me a clear sign so I know they’re really there.

We understand this. We said the same thing for years.

That’s right...years.

There were lots of isolated as well as shared experiences within this period of time. Our spiritual abilities and connection to the spiritual realm developed at different speeds and in different ways. There was excitement, there was denial, there was fear, there was anticipation, there was dread, there were mental rationalizations, and there were judgments from people we loved - lots of judgment.

And then BAM! Ellen was instructed to “write” and then began channeling information from her spirit guide Roy. Ten years later after many ghostly encounters and finally choosing not to be afraid (yes, we said it - choosing), Kelly learned how to deal with “ghosties,” as she calls them, on a daily basis. And then BAM! Kelly was instructed to channel by her spirit guide Robert.

We know that many people are searching for spiritual enlightenment and experiences, for ways to increase their own intuition and awareness of the energies and entities around them, and to hear and see their guides and angels. It is important to understand that this development happens in divine timing best suited for the individual and is different for everyone. It’s also important to understand that it’s not always pleasant and can be scary at times.

Even now, after fifteen years’ worth of spiritual encounters and communicating daily with guides, angels, and the deceased, we still get a little freaked out. And you know what? That’s okay!

When we first began discussing our plans for this book, we decided that we wanted to be one hundred percent honest with you. We didn’t want to fill it with flowery words and nonsense to give the impression that a spiritual awakening is akin to seeing a unicorn gliding down a rainbow and saying, “What’s up?” to you as it sails by saluting…

Except that’s exactly how it is!

We say this because you would expect after seeing this to say with wonder and merriment, “Oh my goodness! Unicorns are real and they can talk! This is wonderful! I must tell everyone! They will all be so excited!”

Instead, it’s more like, “Holy cow! Was that a freaking unicorn?! A talking unicorn? Am I going crazy? Unicorns aren’t real...are they? And they talk?! Why wasn’t anyone else around to see this?! Everyone is going to think I’m crazy, but I have to tell someone! This is too amazing to not share! But, how do I even explain it without sounding like a lunatic?! Maybe I’m too stressed out and I made the whole thing up. But why would I make this up?! I guess I just won’t say anything and see if it happens again. A I must have been dreaming.”

We have broken this book into sections that mirror the stages of our personal spiritual development. Because everyone develops spiritually in different ways, feel free to jump around and skim through the chapters to find the stage that best meets your needs within your own spiritual development.

We happened to experience our spiritual awakenings side by side and are now working together to bring enlightenment and guidance to others through our channeling in our business, Bring Forth the Light. It was because of our joint experience, of navigating through each stage of awakening together, through fear, doubt, excitement and acceptance, that we felt led to share our journeys. It is our hope that this book not only brings you peace as you navigate through the stages of your own spiritual development, but that it puts your rational mind at ease as all of your bodies - mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual - begin to merge into a new awareness of the spiritual realm and all that a conscious awareness of the energies and entities around you bring.

If you take nothing else away from this book, please know that as unpleasant as this awakening can be, nothing in the spiritual realm can ever hurt you. You are protected and cared for by an immense and loving spiritual team. Trust them, trust yourself, and get ready for an amazing ride."

Blessings in love and light,

Ellen and Kelly

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