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Channeling Spirit

I forget that not everyone has tapped into their ability to channel information and messages from spirit.

Think of a channel in regards to water. The water flows through the channel to reach its destination.

When I serve as a channel for spirit, information that is given to me by my spirit guides and angels flows through me to ultimately reach its intended destination. I usually do this by "inspired writing." As information is downloaded into my mind, I write what comes without judgement or bias. I simply write.

* * * * *

My gut feeling has always been extremely strong. Growing up, it was always difficult to explain why I knew something to be true, why I thought a certain way, why I immediately had an intense aversion to someone I'd just met. People usually need proof to believe something, and me saying "I just know," didn't do much to sway beliefs.

Once I turned twelve years old I began to see, feel, and hear spirits and ghosts. I was often afraid to go to sleep at night because of this, and for years I slept with an eye mask and ear plugs, not that it helped much. Spirits have their own unique ways of making themselves known. I was intrigued and terrified, so the internal struggle was real!

During my early twenties, I decided that if I had the "gift" to communicate with spirits and ghosts, I'd better accept it as a part of myself. Slowly (very slowly and after several intense ghostly encounters) the fear drained away. But it wasn't until the summer of 2016 while me, my husband, and six month old daughter were visiting my in-laws' house that my guides clearly spoke to me.

I was alone in our bedroom, sitting on the bed, and working on my second novel "Light in Darkness" when I distinctly heard, "Kelly, it's time to write now."

I won't lie, I almost jumped out of my skin. Instead of freaking out, I opened another word document on my laptop and began typing as fast as I could. Spirit spouts out information quickly! This is what they told me:

“This is just the beginning. The time has come for you to write. Let go of all fears and insecurities. Be an instrument to spirit. Know that we are with you always. Do not fear. We are watching over you always. Keep a song in your heart. Blessed are you who can see clearly and hear our voice. We love you. Only entertain the light. Never darkness. Be at peace with this newfound knowledge. It can be daunting, but it is good. Go in peace. All is well and will be well.”

Since that time I have channeled information almost every single day. I do not ask specific questions about myself or my own life so my own personal biases do not alter the message coming through me, and I do not ask about future events. All messages that I receive are based on the current energies surrounding the situation, event, person, or topic. The future is not set in stone, as our individual and collective choices mold what is to come.

* * * * *

I have received messages for many people. These include my family, friends,

colleagues, as well as complete strangers. Before I sit down to channel, I do the following:

  • Grab the crystal(s) that I feel drawn to in regards to the specific reading. I keep this in my lap for the duration of the channeled session.

  • Pray that my own ego is set aside so that I may be a pure channel for information to flow through.

  • Pray that my spirit guides and angels share with me the information that will be to the best and highest good of the recipient.

  • Invite reiki energy to circulate through me for the duration of the channeled session.

And then I write what comes. I simply write.

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