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Man's Best Friend

*Originally posted 6/29/2018

As I began pondering over which visitation to write about this morning, one encounter in particular immediately popped into my mind.

Let me preface this by stating I wholeheartedly believe that animals have the purest souls out there. They not only have their own unique personalities, but they are always genuine and true to their feelings and desires. There are no lies, there are no hidden agendas. They simply are who they are.

Most pet owners would agree when I say that pets are a part of their families. I know mine are.

Several weeks ago, the spirit of a beautiful golden retriever made itself known by my bed. He began to show me through images from his perspective why he was there. Through his eyes, I could see him walking beside a man in a park, and I could feel how much love and devotion he had for this man.

All of a sudden, the dog couldn't walk with the man anymore. The man was walking farther and farther away, and the dog couldn't reach him. From my end, I knew this symbolized that his beloved owner had passed away.

I felt the dog's confusion and sadness, and I watched through his eyes as he raced through towns and streets desperately searching for his beloved owner...and not being able to find him. Then the image faded, and I was given the understanding by my spirit guides and angels that the dog had been struck and killed by a vehicle during his pursuit.

I told the dog that his owner was waiting for him in the light and they would be reunited there. Right on cue, the man stepped to the edge of the portal by my bed, knelt down, and outstretched his arms. The dog raced forward and leapt into his arms, his tail wagging a mile and minutes, and they left back into the light together.

Do I believe this dog was a ghost, an earthbound spirit? Absolutely not. But I do think he was just carrying on with his mission to find his owner. This just goes to prove that the love and loyalty that our animal friends have for us not only carries from one stage of life to the next, but is everlasting.

Further, it proves that love is eternal.

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