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Lasting Love

*Originally written July 7, 2018

Recently, an elderly woman approached me worrying about her husband. She had lived in a nursing home with him and had recently passed. She told me she had decided to stay behind with him in the nursing home because she was afraid of what might happen to him without her there and wanted to ensure that he was receiving the best care possible for his ailments.

I told her that he would continue to be taken care of, and that once she went into the light she could send angels to take extra care of him. She pondered over this for a long second, but said she wasn't ready to leave him.

Right after she declared this, I felt her presence leave the room.

The next morning, she was the first spirit to return. With a big smile on her face, she told me she thought I was right. As she sat by her husband's side, she saw he was still receiving excellent care and realized there was no reason for her to stay.

Without a backward glance, she marched toward an angel who was waiting for her and disappeared into the light.

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