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Our Children's Guardians

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Every single person on Earth has a spiritual team filled with guardians, guides, angels, and teachers to help them on their personal soul journey. This team and the helpers within it change over the course of your life, depending on the lessons you are learning, the season of life you find yourself in, personal and soul group transitions...the list goes on and on. Just like us, each member of our spiritual team has a unique and distinct personality!

But within everyone's personal spiritual team there are a few members who are lifelong - they are with us before we are born and escort us back to the spiritual realm when our journey on Earth is complete.

My daughters' lifelong spirit guides introduced themselves to me in very different ways.

When my older daughter was born I had not yet begun channeling spirit. She was a few months old and I was just getting back into bed after a nighttime feeding. There was a high pitched ringing in my ear and I immediately felt a male presence beside me in the room. The image of a blonde man with a very calm and "matter of fact" demeanor filled my mind's eye and the name Byron popped into my head. There was an instant "knowing" that he was her spirit guide. (He also introduced himself to my mom in a literal "in your face" fashion, which gave her a major wake-up call, but that is another story for another day!)

My younger daughter's spirit guide began communicating with me the night after our 2nd sonogram. While I was trying to fall asleep, I decided to tune into spirit. Suddenly a beautiful, bold, middle age African American woman filled my mind's eye. With a sweetly sassy wave of her hand, she told me her name was Angelica and she was here to help prepare me and my daughter for her birth. She also said that she would be helping me through my pregnancy and would then be primarily with my little girl once she was born.

As parents, we can communicate with our children's guides and angels by simply talking to them directly as if you were praying or communicating to your own guides and angels. They want what's best for them just like we do, and can guide and help in different ways than we can as well as provide clarity and guidance for us as our children move through every developmental stage. I frequently communicate with Byron and Angelica to not only ask for comfort and protection for my girls, but to ask for insight and guidance for everything from reassurance that I'm meeting their needs as a parent to the cause of a sudden emotional upset.

You can learn the name of your child's guides and angels too. Visit our Shop and purchase an Ask 1, 2, or 3 Question Channeled Reading to meet your child's primary spirit guide and guardian angel and see what message they have for you. :)

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