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Children and Oracle Cards

As many of you know, my family recently moved to another state. It's been an adjustment for all of us, and while the changes have been good, change is hard. My older daughter now picks an oracle card for herself each morning before school, and we talk about how the message applies to her and gives her something positive to focus on for the day. In the picture are the two cards she picked last Friday, which we decided meant for her to continue to keep an open mind about how and what she is learning as well as her unique ability to understand the information as well as to communicate with her teacher and me and my husband so we know how and what she is feeling and what she may need extra assistance with.

We love using oracle, tarot, and affirmation cards as tools for growth, empowerment, and clarity not only in the readings we offer but also as guides for our focus in our daily lives. Check out our Blog for more information on oracle cards, or visit our shop to purchase an oracle card reading today!

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