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The Witch


About four years ago when my oldest daughter was three, she became terrified to go into the bathroom connecting both my daughters' rooms alone.

She was afraid she would see the witch.

I remember the day she screamed for me after having gone to the bathroom. She was crying in her room telling me that a witch had been in the bathroom, and she was afraid she would see it again. We had a long talk about she was powerful enough to tell the witch to go away if she saw it again, and after a few weeks, I didn't hear of the witch again.

Until two weeks ago.

At bedtime one night, my younger daughter told me that she didn't want me to leave her room. She was afraid that the invisible witch would come back into her room. I told her the same thing I had told her sister - you are powerful enough to tell the witch to go away. We arranged her stuffed tigers at the foot of her bed in a protective stance and turned an angel figurine out towards her room as her guardian.

I haven't heard anything about the witch since.

Interestingly enough, the "witch" has turned out to be one of our ancestral helpers, one of my mom's grandmothers who, as she lovingly puts it, "Looked a little rough."


Just remember: It is never just your (or their) imagination. The unseen world with its spiritual and ancestral guides and guardians is very real. And most likely, the unseen visitors in your home are there to guide and protect - or maybe just checking in. :)

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