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A Spirit Portal Beside Her Bed?!?

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

(As you know, my daughter Kelly Tuck and I have partnered up in our business AND on our website, "Bring Forth The Light". Kelly is gifted in many areas, one of which is her ability to speak with the departed. The following is from Kelly's June 22, 2018 blog post. I hope you enjoy it... Blessings!- Ellen)

There is a portal to the spirit world on the windowless wall by my side of the bed.

I don't know how or why it's there, but I have seen spirits lined up to exit the earthly plane waiting rather impatiently on me to "open" it so they could cross over.

Talk about a wake up call.

My spirit guides and angels have instructed me to write about my experiences with the spirits who come to me specifically to cross over. What I have found to be fascinating is that most "ghosts," as we call them, are pretty much exactly the same as they were in life. Why wouldn't they be? 1.) The physical body is just a shell. 2.) They have not moved on to the spiritual plane and are still bogged down with the complexity of emotions that we as humans experience. Their view is still just as one-sided and personalized as ours.

Some have tried to intimidate me, some have been kind and grateful, some have been fearful of the next stage of their journey, some have stared at me like a crazy person and felt like they were entitled to tell me I was weird... I know, right? Just rude!

Funny story - Let me preface it by explaining my morning routine. I always pull a tarot and oracle card to serve as a guide for the day. Once I do this, I perform a five to ten minute crystal reiki session on myself - meaning I lay on my bed with a crystal over each one of my chakras while working my own energy - before I invite spirits to come forward. To someone who's never worked with crystals or had a crystal therapy session before, it probably looks rather strange.

In walks a very tough guy in his thirties who showed me through images I saw in my mind that he'd been killed in affiliation with his gang activities. After I told him he'd find healing and peace once he went into the light, he kind of looked at me and asked, "What are you, some kind of witch or something?"

Another man, a man of science, strolled past the bed one morning and peered over at me to say, "Well, that's odd."

An elderly man of Asian descent actually stood at the foot of my bed frowning at me in extreme disapproval and stated very sternly, "What you are doing is an abomination!" Of course, when I asked the angels to usher him to the light, all he could do was glance back and forth from the angels to me, gawking in awe, before he finally stepped into the light.

Some days, I have more visitors than others. A lot of animals race into my room to leap right into the portal of light. Sometimes it's children, who are almost always met at the entrance of the light by a grandparent. Sometimes it's suicide victims, who are regretful and fearful for what is to happen to them. Sometimes it's someone who has been murdered who want to tell someone how they died, and I'll be honest, those aren't too pleasant. Sometimes it's an elderly person who has died of natural causes. Some want to talk and show me parts of their physical lives, and some are just ready to finally cross over.

There was a young woman who yelled at me to wait one morning as I was about to end my "spirit session." Once she approached, she said, "Thanks for waiting! I'm ready to move on now."

In general, people tend to find ghosts and hauntings interesting. What's hard for some to understand is that they are all around us. They aren't limited to haunt the place they died, their tombstone, or a certain person. And most ghosts don't have an agenda to scare the living daylights out of the people they share spaces with. A lot of times, they are the souls who were afraid to go into the light, chose to stay since they were no longer "weighed down" by their physical bodies, or they felt they had unfinished business to take care of before they could move on. Of course, there are some exceptions, but the vast majority falls into one of the categories above.

"When Ghosts Speak" by Mary Ann Winkowski is a fantastic book that explains the truth about ghosts and hauntings. She is the inspiration for the show "The Ghost Whisperer" and has been helping ghosts cross over since she was four years old. It's a great book. If you're interested in ghosts even a tiny bit, you should read it.

"Ghost hunting is not important, it's helping people that's important." - Ryan Buell, Director of the Paranormal Research Society. This quote sums up what I feel led to do. By talking with these ghosts and helping them cross over, I am helping people... It just so happens these people don't have bodies.

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