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The Past is the Present is the Future in a Play, Say What?

We have had several clients ask us to channel information regarding their most recent lives on Earth as well as if there is anyone in their lives now that they have known before in different lifetimes. The response that Spirit gave us was so mind blowing and informative, we wanted to share it all with you. :)

"Know that there is only linear time within the human experience. There is no time in the Universe, there only IS. Because of this your conscious mind is living ALL lives, but the one in which you're consciously aware of is the lifetime in which your Higher Self is focused on in the Now. Each period of time in the Earthly existence as well as each region of the planet holds a collection of souls that agreed to embark on a journey to bring awareness to a certain issue. What is learned in one lifetime is shared in other lifetimes, since all lifetimes are in fact YOU. This means that you could be living lives in any time period, even ones that overlap in lives that you are currently living. Think of an Internet browser. You can have many tabs open at once researching several different things, but they are all connected to the one web browser. And know that ALL of the people who have been close to you in some way, whether it be family, friendships, some acquaintances, or anyone who you meet and feel an instant connection with have all been souls whom you have known for eons. Souls often incarnate in groups referred to as soul families. These are souls who have been together always and have agreed to help each other grow and develop by creating contracts with each before incarnating. Think about a play. A group of actors who ALWAYS perform together are given a new script where everyone is assigned a role to act out for a specific purpose for personal, soul family, and collective growth and development. So, EVERYONE who you have personally known have been individuals that you have incarnated with, and remember, the soul often incarnated hundreds of times in order to learn and master specific lessons- the contracts do not always get carried out as planned because of the emotional complexity of the human race and Free Will."

Blessings, love, and light,

Ellen and Kelly :)

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