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Q&A: On Gender Swapping

Why do we swap genders (sometimes born as male and sometimes born as female) during different lifetimes?

"Beloved, first know that, at its essence, the soul is both masculine and feminine - the energies balance one another and bring about an energetic sense of wholeness. In some planes of existence, an individual incarnates in a fluid state of existence, meaning they are both, or they can choose which energies, whether masculine or feminine, are more prominently felt or displayed depending on the cycle of Life they are experiencing.

Human existence is unique given its extremely emotional existence that is lived in the veil of separation from the Collective Whole. Because of this, living certain lifetimes as male and certain lifetimes as female grants the opportunity to experience all of the different emotions and circumstances the human life offers. Within each gender, just as within each race, nationality, region, time period, and social status, there are certain vibrations, energetic influences, and natural proclivities that allow certain situations to be experienced, lessons to be learned, challenges to be overcome, and areas to heal and grow.

In short, experiencing life in both genders allows each soul to learn and grow in a way that allows them to experience overall soul growth and development in a balanced way in regards to the Whole of the Soul."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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