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Q&A on Feeling Pets in Spirit

"When my pet died I seemed to feel her more around me than I do now. Is my pet still with me?"

"Beloved, after a soul passes on, the emotions at the time of passing and soon thereafter- of the pet and those still within the physical plane- intensify your awareness of her presence. Then with time, life goes on and you focus on other things, much like exiting a dream and forgetting the details during the day. You remember you dreamed, although the details seem hazy or you are unable to remember them.

You know she is with you, but feeling her presence may ebb and flow- feeling it more strongly when she is taking an active role within your life and providing more direct comfort to you. It is the same with members of your spiritual team. This is all a normal part of the ebb and flow of Energy within your life- being more Aware during more spiritually active times than others. Know that you are living your life as you are supposed to, experiencing normal, natural cycles.

Take comfort in knowing that your pet- just like all pets, continues to provide love and comfort to you through the spiritual, just in a different way. She is and will always be with you. Love is eternal."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Ellen and Kelly from their spirit guides.

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