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Q&A on Exit Points

Could I ask about exit points? I have heard that when a soul incarnates they have different points in their life at which their soul could choose to return to the Other Side.

"When the soul meets with the team responsible for helping it create the blueprint for their upcoming incarnation, there are indeed several exit points, as you refer to them, incorporated within. These exit points are ALWAYS optional in which the soul can CHOOSE to leave if the choices of others, meaning the elements out of their control, have impacted the soul in such a way that it is difficult for them to complete their mission for the lifetime OR others within their lives need a "wake-up call," so to speak, in order to get themselves back on track. When a soul uses an exit point, it is always agree upon by the Higher Self of the soul as well as their spiritual team beforehand and physical death is often quick, sudden, or unexpected.

In some cases, if you choose not to use an exit point, you will be aware of a near fatal accident or feel a sensation of deja vu or short-lived anxiety over an event or at a certain place that was indeed intended to be a possible exit point, alerting you on a subconscious level within the consciousness that you chose to continue forward with the current lifetime.

We wish to note here that using an exit point is DIFFERENT than suicide. Choosing to use an exit point is a decision made within the spiritual realms by your Higher Self and your spiritual team and is a form of divine intervention and made in the best interest of all involved based on the individual lessons or development for those impacted. Suicide is a conscious decision made in an attempt to escape pain and suffering. In BOTH instances, love, healing, and support are given to the one who has encountered physical death so development and growth can continue."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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Such informative answers and such thoughtful questions! Really enjoying the dialog and education.

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