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Q&A on Divorce

So, I know we choose our parents for specific reasons (genetic qualities, life lessons we plan with them...). The trend of couples not to stay together for life anymore is well documented now. Whatever the reason for the growing rate of divorce, is this now part of the evolution of the planet in general, for couples to be together for just a phase, more than for life? Or is it more the result of free will?

"There are many elements here at play and there is truly no clear cut answer. Marriage between two individuals is a very young concept in the history of Earth. There have always been partnerships but relationships in general until several hundred years ago have been more fluid, meaning you may have a partnership similar to marriage with many people, for different people bring growth, love, and companionship in different ways. Families were once community groups with all individuals raising and looking after all children and the elderly BUT this was also needed for survival and stability of the whole.

The world you know now is a very different place, one that is rapidly accelerating into higher dimensions, meaning that some people are choosing to ascend and others are not, and while the reach of global impact is larger than ever before, the familial group is also smaller than ever before. This means that models for existence, what have been deemed "normal" are also becoming outdated.

There is a great amount of pressure put on individuals to get married and have children by a certain age, as well as to progress along a career path and have a certain standard of living. This plays a part - people are getting married and having children before they are ready and the stress of daily living in outdated models and inability to compromise, communicate, or understand who each other and the self are does cause divorce. Some individuals ignore the warning signs of a relationship not meant to last, some individuals enter a relationship trying to change another or force it to work, some individuals outgrow their partners and are unwilling to settle. Some individuals allow their own selfishness to dissolve a partnership. Some individuals choose to end a marriage know that it is best for all involved. Some individuals place their values elsewhere. On and on it goes, and THIS is the aspect of Free Will Choice that can result in divorce. Marriage and family life is expected and romanticized within modern society, oftentimes without the knowledge of the commitment and hard work needed from both parties to make it last within the growing pressures of daily life until it is experienced.

There are some contracts for partnerships that are temporary due to individuals wishing to experience growth from the impacts of divorce, whether for the experience itself or for karmic retribution.

The short answer is that more choices and options are available to human kind in the modern age now than ever before, and the call to be true to yourself is stronger now than ever before even though the patience required to do so or to wait for a partner that matches your vibration's frequency has not yet evolved as quickly. Free Will Choice is the greatest driving factor as people search for ways to find a fulfilling life through elements outside of themselves. The key is finding ways WITHIN yourself to find fulfillment and making a choice WITH your partner to COMPLIMENT and SUPPORT each other while growing INDIVIDUALLY AND JOINTLY, as well as understanding that ALL of your choices impact others."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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An interesting read indeed! The conclusion was particularly insightful. I wonder how many people divorce to develop something that might have been even more powerful had they stayed with the person. It's hard work to grow within the parameters of a relationship, but it also can be rewarding. Lots of soul lessons at play!

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