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Freedom Isn't Really "Free"

After a night of very vivid, very dramatic, very emotional dreams a few days ago, I woke up hearing the phrase "Freedom isn't really free." I spent most of the morning pondering over the meaning of everything until I had a free minute to call my favorite and go to dream interpreter and channeler - my mom. :)

She channeled this guidance for me based on the phrase I was given and a collaboration of the meanings of my dreams. This is what they said:

"Freedom isn’t really free, indeed. Freedom is a concept that has to do with releasing one’s self from conditioned patterns and beliefs that are not TRUE, but that are structures of societies or groups of souls: sets of agreed upon rules of behavior- agreed upon by society as a whole as to what is and is not acceptable. Freedom comes with a price and with great responsibility. When you advance as a soul- as you move into higher cycles- the rules of agreed upon patterns of acceptance will no longer resonate with you. This is the process of enlightenment in which you rid yourself of these illusions of acceptability- otherwise known as embracing the shadow. The shadow self is the part that is hidden away because it doesn’t fit in with society’s agreed upon rules of behavior. Only in Spirit form can One truly be Free. This is about accepting others and their choices - giving them the freedom to enter into new phases of life and supporting them in their creative endeavors, whether you agree with what they are doing or not. Allowing them the freedom to explore and create. And it is important for overall well being to accept the things that happen and move forward with the WHAT IS. It is important not to fight/resist changes/things that happen, and it is important not to hold onto or pine for the past or the ‘way things used to be’. Resistance is what ALWAYS brings pain: Emotional AND Physical pain. Look for the messages/guidance within the things that happen instead. Everything that happens holds meaning."

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