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An Answer to A Frequent Question...

Did I imagine my experience or did it really happen?

We get asked this question a lot. Oftentimes information channeled for our clients who ask their spiritual teams this question is that yes, it did happen, and to trust what you know to be true.

That sounds simple in theory, sure, but we know firsthand what it feels like to doubt a certain spiritual or paranormal experience. Even now sometimes we have questioned ourselves - we're human, it happens. But it's important to remember that spiritual experiences can be just as subtle as they are loud, can be a feeling or a very tangible experience, can happen in your mind or in your physical space - there are no limits to how, what, or why you may have had a certain physical experience. The key here is to accept what it was and focus on the information that may have been shared with you, or ponder on what this message/sighting/experience was for/how it made you feel/what you can learn from it, all the while accepting the spiritual experience as it was shown to you.

I personally think we tend to doubt, sometimes naturally, the experiences we have because there's no real PROOF that we can use to validate to ourselves or others that this did in fact occur - you simply have to believe that it did or know that another person will have to take your word for it. That's hard - we are a species that, right now, thrives in logic, in the practical, in the material, and upon facts that can be proved or based in research with concrete evidence. (Our book, "Who's Knocking on the Headboard?" covers some of this information!)

So, our advice to you is to write down everything, trust that your experience DID happen, and remain open to what else Spirit may have to share with you. When you remain open minded, even if you are still somewhat doubtful, clarity will be gained and you remain in a state of allowance for more guidance to be shared with you.

Blessings in love and light!

Ellen and Kelly

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