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Your Not So "Past" Lives

Recently, we have had clients asking for information about their most recent past lives. Usually when we channel past life information, we allow our spiritual guides to share with us past life information that is relevant to current life situations. This is what they had to say about "past lives" as shared to a client in a past life reading with the desire to know her most recent past life:

"Time is only a construct for the human existence. In the grandness of the Universe, the linear concept of time as you know and live your life in does not truly exist. It is an illusion. There only IS. So, all of your selves, your past lives and your current life, are actually occurring all at once. Your Higher Self, your soul, is only focused on this life that you perceive to be the one that you are living – this present moment. We know this is confusing. This is because of the limitations put upon your understanding of the Universe, which is necessary for a human existence. Each period of time in the Earthly existence as well as each region of the planet holds a collection of souls that agreed to embark on a journey to bring awareness to a certain issue. What is learned in one lifetime is shared in other lifetimes, since all lifetimes are in fact YOU. This means that you could be living lives in any time period, even ones that overlap in lives that you are currently living. Think of an Internet browser. You can have many tabs open at once researching several different things, but they are all connected to the one web browser. Some events or situations hold a great emotional charge because it is actually being experienced elsewhere. By working through karmic issues in one version of your higher self, you are actually helping all of your selves as they journey forward as they learn lessons for the central goal/focus for that lifetime. "

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