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Present Life Triggers and Past Lives

When I was in middle school I joined the band, opting to learn the saxophone. During my seventh grade year, my band director informed us that our big concert at the end of the year would have a patriotic theme and feature Big Band music. The moment I heard “In The Mood” my world was rocked.

I was in love with a time period I’d never given a second thought about. I delved into research and couldn’t find enough music to quench the burning desire to experience more of this era I knew I should have been born into. I began to dream and have daydreams of events that took place as if I had been there myself. Even now, fifteen years later, I still prefer singers like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald, and Bobby Darin to modern music and artists. “Moonlight Serenade” give me chills every time I hear the instrumental version, and a faint scent of starch fills my nostrils while the mental image of a man’s shoulder dressed in military attire as if I am dancing with him fills my mind.

Our soul is eternal. All of our memories and emotions experienced during each of our lives are encompassed there. It only makes sense that something in our present lives (a relationship, a person, a song, an item, an animal) could serve as a trigger for something that happened in a previous life.

Think about phobias. There is a reason that someone could have such a strong fear of something that they’ve supposedly never experienced before. Our blog post, Past Lives and Present Fears is solely devoted to this topic as it's a big one! My oldest daughter is terrified of loud noises and we work with her to develop coping strategies to use when something loud frightens her. Delving into this fear, her guides informed me that in one of her past lives she lived in a village that was bombed repeatedly during wartime, causing her to lose many friends and family members. She lived in a constant state of fear.

When I was young, whenever someone said the word “sharp” (sharp cheese was the phrase that was thrown around a lot!) I smelled what I thought was rust, which now I understand to be the scent of blood, and immediately saw a knife with light reflecting from the blade in my mind's eye.

From what I understand, we usually incarnate with the same souls (called a soul group) in an attempt to resolve karma and learn specific lessons/complete a specific purpose. These groups consist of many, many souls, and when you meet someone who you feel like you’ve “known forever,” there’s a reason. Or if you meet someone and you instantly feel a certain way toward them without knowing why, there’s a reason.

A few weeks after my oldest daughter was born, I called my mom and told her I didn’t feel like I was her mother…I felt like I was her sister. As it turns out, we’ve been sisters a lot! However, when my younger daughter was born a few months ago, I laughed and told my mom that I actually felt like a mother this time. And, as it turns out, the majority of our relationships together have been parent/child. Interestingly enough, my mom jokes about sometimes having to remind herself that she is my mother and not the other way around.

Everyone has their own triggers to deal with and work through.

The biggest past life trigger I have ever experienced has to be the first time I watched “Titanic.” My childhood best friend LOVED this movie. She’d go home from school and watch it almost every day. One night while I was sleeping over at her house, she finally convinced me to watch it with her. I did just because it meant so much to her and it was…eh, okay…until they hit the iceberg.

And the panic ensued…

And people were trapped…

And started to die…

To say I lost it is an understatement. I was hysterical and somehow worked my way into the fetal position sobbing uncontrollably (think ugly crying on steroids) moaning over and over again, “all those people…all those people…” She, of course, was terrified and had no clue what to do, and I was finally able to calm down enough to finish the movie aka not have a panic attack. I started having vivid dreams and headaches, and I couldn’t get the Titanic out of my head.

I spent years researching, fascinated with everything I could find out about the ship, the people on it, and the music played. "Songe d’Automne" always makes me incredibly sad but I love it all the same. Even now as I type this blog post I’m listening to it, and I can hear faint screaming and feel a slight wafting of frigid cold over my arms. It give me chills...literally. (Haha - see what I did there?)

A few years ago, my husband and I took a beach trip and “Titanic” happened to be on as we were flipping through the channels. Well, wouldn’t you know it, the scene where the water begins rushing and in trapping everyone on the lower decks was on, and, no warning whatsoever, I burst out crying and he stares at me like, “what in the world is wrong with you?!”

I don't know if we ever move past the triggers since such strong emotions are tied to them. I think the key is to understand that whatever it was does not pertain specifically to this lifetime and allow ourselves to release them to Spirit so our souls can energetically heal. Most nights before I fall asleep, I ask my daughters' higher selves to release whatever fears and wounds they are currently carrying that will not serve them in a beneficial way in this lifetime and then pray that those wounds will heal. It has seemed to help my older daughter with the loud noises - now we just dance through them!

Take it from me, we all have too much to do this go around to be stuck with fears from the way distant past. :)

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