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Wait... My spirit guide's name is...Billy? Are you sure?

Don't worry - I've had that same thought. Most people, myself included, expect the higher forces guiding our lives to have "old," saintly, or Biblical/religious sounding names - Jeremiah, Delphina, Henry, Elizabeth, Augustus, Evangeline...and while some of them do share these types of names with us, more often than not we receive common names.

My main guides are Robert, Mariah, and Daisy, My girls' helpers are Lola, Hannah, Malcolm, Angelica, Byron, Nathaniel, and Josephine.

Sometimes these beings give us shortened or different names to call them so we can understand them. Case in point - during my pregnancy with my youngest daughter, a Native American medicine man approached me in my mind's eye and showed me that he would be taking care of me during the pregnancy so I would have enough energy to keep up with my toddler. When I asked him for his name, he shared it with me...

I'd never be able to spell it let alone say it! Once he's said his name, he ended with, "But you can just call me Drew."

Truly, we don't technically need to know their names - just knowing they are there to help and protect, and asking for their divine guidance is enough. When we pray to whichever being we connect with, all of them hear and swoop in to help.

Here is what Robert, my primary guide, has to say about it: "Beloved ones, you need not worry about invoking us specifically by name or individually. We are all one - you, me, and everyone else on all the planes - and we are all connected through love. What is more important is that you trust that we are present and working in your life to help you grow and develop, and that you are never alone. You are never alone. You are surrounded always by a team who loves and supports you. Our names are irrelevant. However, humans need a name, an image, a tangible sign to give them peace of mind to help them have hope and faith in this 'invisible' promise. Because of this, we provide you with names that you can easily remember. Sometimes it is a name that we personally like, sometimes it is a name that we know you like or holds some positive meaning for you. Either way it is a comfort for you so you know we are here."

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