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Wings for Sleep

Infants are a full time job...and then some!

Our newborn is almost seven weeks old and is a pretty mellow and sweet baby...

Until she gets what I lovingly refer to as "the crazies."

During "the crazies" she gets a wild look in her eyes and is unbelievably fussy anywhere from around 7:30 - 11:00 at night.

Most of the time I can get her to come down from her "crazy high" after a combination of swaddling, bouncing, and, rocking while pacing in circles, but two nights ago she wasn't having it. That's when divine help stepped in.

After several severely sleep limited nights and juggling an exuberant three year old and a newborn who seems to never nap all day, by the time "the crazies" hit that evening I was spent.

My "crazy high" dispelling combination had calmed her down, reiki for peace and sleep had made her drowsy, and I'd asked for all her guides and guardians to help soothe her, but every time I laid her in her bassinet her eyes snapped back open in the frustrating yet adorable "haha, I got you" look.

Oh, babies. :)

After try number four, I laid her on the floor to re-swaddle her wiggling body and saw a man walk into the nursery from the corner of my eye. I figured, in exhausted relief, that my husband had come to relieve me earlier than our agreed upon time.

I picked up the baby and spun around to hand her off to him only to find, oops, no one was there!

My heart thundered in my chest (yes, after years of seeing and working with spirits I still become startled) and I stepped out of the nursery just to make sure no one was there, before heading back to the rocking chair.

"Angel" immediately popped in my head, followed by "Micheal," and I knew Archangel Micheal had arrived to let me know spiritual helpers were indeed there with us.

Less than five minutes later, I was able to lay my baby down and, although her eyes opened, she remained content and calm and was asleep by the time I'd gotten into my own bed.

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