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What are your Dreams Revealing about Your Health? (And what do Houses have to do with it?)

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

As I shared in my November 19 post, there are dream experts who say that each night's dreams contain a review of your current health. This is a powerful supposition. The challenge here, of course, is to decode your dreams to receive this information.

In her book, "The Healing Power of Dreams", Patricia Garfield, Ph. D., discusses this very topic. She suggests to look at the part of the body in the dream that is the focus of the action. For instance: Say you dream that you are being crushed by a heavy weight and can't breathe. This could be indicating a lung problem. Or maybe in your dream you are struck in the head. This could indicate that a migraine is coming on. Perhaps you dream of having icy fingers and toes. This could indicate a problem with circulation.

Sometimes our bodies are seen symbolically in our dreams. Common symbols for our bodies include HOUSES and CARS (and VEHICLES of any type- trucks, airplanes, boats, bicycles). What is going on with your dream house and/or your dream car? What room in your house or what part of the car is the focus of your dream? The foundation of your house may symbolize your feet. The bathroom- your excretory system. The kitchen- your digestive system. Your study or wherever you work with technology- your nervous system. The walls of your house- your skeletal system. Dreams of your car: It won't start?- are you low on fuel, are you not eating properly to "fuel" your vehicle? Is your exhaust clogged- this could indicate elimination problems. Engine not running smoothly- perhaps a heart issue. Horn won't blow- is there a problem with your mouth or throat?

Dreams can also be quite literal when it comes to health problems. Listen out for conversations in your dreams. What is SAID in your dream is very important. Personal example: I LOVE sweets, but my body doesn't. I have to be very careful. Diabetes runs in my family. When I have overdone the sweets, I normally have dreams in which I am telling people that I can not have dessert because I am pre-diabetic. OK- message received! That one always gets my attention and gets me back on track (for a while at least)!

Dreams are complex. The examples I have given here are just that- EXAMPLES. All dreams and symbols are personal, designed specifically for the dreamer. House and car dreams may be symbolizing spiritual or emotional issues and not a physical health issue at all. THE KEY FOR ANY DREAM INTERPRETATION IS TO RELATE WHAT IS OCCURRING IN THE DREAM TO WHAT IS HAPPENING IN YOUR WAKING LIFE. Dreams are always directly related to the dreamer's waking life experiences.

So pay attention to those body parts, houses, vehicles, and conversations in your dreams. They have much to tell!

Ellen :)

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