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Who are Those Strangers in Our Dreams?

In my dream interpretation work, the biggest question that always comes up is : Who are the people in my dreams representing? I addressed this in my 2/24/17 blog post:

"Many times the people in our dreams are being used as "mirrors", showing us qualities that they possess that we possess, too! These dreams encourage us to acknowledge these qualities within ourselves. Sometimes, however, I believe the people in our dreams actually represent themselves. Perhaps they show up in our dream because there is something about that person that we need to be aware of. So how do we know the difference? Is our dream "guest" portraying himself/herself, or an aspect/quality of the dreamer? My feeling is this: If the person/people, setting, and plot seem more surreal, then my thought is that this person is probably acting as a "mirror". However, if the person in the dream seems more "real" and the dream is focused on more concrete, "real-life" situations, maybe your "guest" IS representing him/her own self."

When I wrote this, I really did not address the issue of Strangers in your dreams. I was speaking about those people in your dreams that you KNOW. But people you don't know? Who are THESE people representing and why are they in our dreams?

These Strangers serve the same purpose as people that you know. They are representing some qualities of you that you need to be made aware of. They are aspects of you. So how do we determine what qualities of you they are representing if they are Strangers? Look at how they are acting, what they say, how they are dressed, and generally what they look like. These things will give us the clues we need to determine what the Stranger in your dream is trying to convey.

People in our dreams: loved ones, acquaintances, or strangers. Always consider what aspects of YOU they may be representing. With a little detective work, we can figure it out!

Keep dreaming!


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