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Nightmares and Numbers and Colors- Oh My!

1. Nightmares

Have you ever had a nightmare? Of course you have- we all have. And they are scary! Sometimes they even haunt us for years. But here is the good news: The nightmare is usually much worse than its actual message. Nightmares are the subconscious mind's way of getting our attention- a very successful strategy. The really scary aspect of a nightmare, though, is that most of us don't follow up with an interpretation.

The goal of the subconscious mind is to get our attention with the nightmare so that we will finally receive the message that it has been trying to get across to us. So the next time you have a nightmare, be happy! Your subconscious has reached you. But don't forget to follow up. The nightmare can only be useful when you uncover its message.

2. Conversations

Pay attention to conversations in your dreams. What is said by you or by others in your dreams can be profoundly important. These conversations may be clues to something that you have forgotten or overlooked that needs to be remembered, or they may actually be communications from your Higher Self. Bottom line: If you remember a conversation from your dream, write it down and try to understand its intended message.

3. Numbers and Colors

Something that has been coming up in quite a few of my clients' (and my own) dreams lately: Numbers and colors. Numbers and colors have symbolic meanings as do objects and people. Be on the lookout for these two special symbols. Perhaps you had a dream with 3 lady bugs. We would look at the symbolic meaning of the number 3 and at the symbolic meaning of the ladybug. As for color, some people recall full-color dreams. That is great! Some of us do not have that recall, but DO recall objects with specific colors in our dreams. I believe the remembrance of the color itself is significant PLUS the object of color.

It takes courage to face your nightly dreams, but the rewards are so worth it. Dreams are fascinating and full of meaning when we take the time to remember and interpret them! Email me and let's talk about your dreams.

Ellen :)

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