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Spells, Curses, Hexes, Blessings, Prayers, and Energy Work

Ever since we opened for business, we have had inquiries as to whether we could lift curses or hexes off of certain individuals that had been placed on them by another. The answer has always been no...NOT because we didn't want to help, but because only THEY can remove the energy for themselves.

Curses and hexes, as it has been explained to us by our spiritual guides, are no different than blessings, sending "positive energy" or reiki/energy work. It is all of form of energy sent to another person through their intentions. Curses and hexes are negative energy while blessings, prayers, and energy healing are positive energy - Dark vs. Light, Fear vs. get the idea.

I always tell clients before a reiki session that all they need to do to prepare is to be open to receiving the energy - to BELIEVE that the energy will be absorbed and embraced by their body to bring about positive change. If you DON'T believe that the reiki energy will do anything, then there's no use going for a session - you're closed off from receiving it and will not experience its full effects. The power is in your mind.

Same goes for curses and hexes - the power is in your mind. Fear energy creates more fear, and it is the fear of the hex or curse as well as the mental time and energy spent worrying or dwelling over it that allows it to impact you. The Law of Attraction is real. If you think you are cursed, everything that does not go according to plan could be seen as an impact of it when really you are allowing your fear to dictate your experience.

Our advice here is to call in Archangel Michael or any other being who you feel protected by, and tell them to release the energy into the Light, visualize yourself surrounded in white light, focus on all of the blessings or positives within your life, and call to your spiritual team though your thoughts and tell them that you will no longer accept any energies that are not rooted in Love and in your best interest.

Never give away your power through fears - empower yourself through love. :)

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