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Q&A on Spiritual Teams for Animals

"If there are guardian angels for every soul...are there guardian angels for every living thing on Earth? From gnats to giraffes?"

"Yes and no is the answer to your question. Yes in a sense that all creatures have spiritual guidance available to them at all times. When a soul incarnates into human form, a host of spiritual beings agree to support them within a spiritual team individualized to them or their families because there is an illusion of separation from Source, Spirit, God. The spiritual team helps the soul remember who they are and their purpose through the chaos, we shall say, created from Free Will as well as their everlasting connection to Spirit from WITHIN the veil of separation. Other beings living on Earth, such as the Animal and Plant Kingdoms, never undergo this illusion of separation and trust and rely on Nature and Spirit, tied to their own instincts, in order to navigate through Earthly life - they are always aware of Spirit, of their place and purpose within the spiritual AND earthly realms, and are able to access spiritual assistance as needed."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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Thank you for the answer! Very helpful to understand how everything fits together.

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