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Q&A on Romantic Soul Mates

"There's so much talk of soul mates and twin flames. Is there only one person for everyone that can truly meet all of their spiritual, emotional, and physical needs? What if you never find them or they choose someone else?"

"Beloved, first know that just as all of your family members and close friends, soul mates, twin flames, etc. are souls that are members of you soul family, a group that includes hundreds and hundreds of souls that incarnate together MANY times in many different roles in order to learn valuable lessons from and with one another: parent/child, romantic partners, siblings, friends, and adversaries. Some contracts, such as romantic partnerships, hold more value and weight than others because of the nature of the lessons and support that each will provide to each other; however, these contract and all contracts that souls agree to before incarnation are fluid because of Free Will within the spiritual AND the physical. Sometimes the plan changes, sometimes someone backs out, sometimes how life has progressed makes a partnership with a specific individual less favorable than another. The future is a fluid and flexible energetic field, and all souls come into lifetimes with many possible outcomes according to the CHOICES that one makes. The Law of Free Will Choice is always in play, therefore making the Future Open. The future is NOT set in stone, and therefore all souls make back up plans - including one's life partner relationship. All souls make back up plans with multiple soul mates, so that if through free will choice one soul mate relationship doesn't work out, another will present itself for consideration. Be at peace, there is never just one."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Ellen and Kelly from their spirit guides.

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A very helpful post, as always! We think there is "just one" out there for us, but in reality, there are ones who are better for us at certain points in our lives than others. All depends on which path we take and what we agreed to (and continue to agree to).

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