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Q&A: On Light Workers in Soul Groups

Are entire soul groups light workers or just certain members (not that there is any one superior to another, just different)?

"Beloved, know that soul groups are diverse, just like human families. Some soul groups have a mix of individuals, some more "evolved" than others, and those that are usually take on roles to help the others within the soul group develop - these can be negative or positive depending on the lessons needed for development. This can also be fulfilled through a spirit guide role while others within the soul group are incarnated into physical form.

Soul groups originate from different dimensions and realms, and some are more evolved than others. Some soul groups have a collective mission to help others evolve- think angelic and starseed. Some evolved soul groups send members to guide other soul groups that are not evolved.

So, the answer to your question here: It just depends on the soul group and/or the mission of the collective group."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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