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Q&A on Life Purpose and Where You Live

Does where I live affect my ability to fulfill my life's purpose?

"Before physical birth, a blueprint for each soul's life is created - one that involves their spiritual teams, several archangels, Galactic Council Members, and other beings, including the Oversouls (Higher Selves) of family members or individuals who will be impacted or will impact the soul - in order to discuss the soul's life purpose in accordance to the developmental points of growth as well as karmic release that the soul personally wishes to attain. Each soul is born in a specific area to specific parents within a specific environment for a reason. They will ALWAYS be guided to areas in which their purpose can be fully played out, should they be willing to answer the call when the opportunity arises.

So, yes and no is the answer to your question here, and it is truly dependent on what the purpose is. Sometimes it does not matter where you live because your purpose is more geared to your treatment of others or you have been born in an area that allows you the resources necessary to fulfill it without moving. Sometimes it does matter where you live and you will be given opportunities to take part in projects, careers, or even create something in which you are called to travel somewhere new.

It is important to remember that you are ALWAYS guided because your Higher Self and your spiritual team know your purpose and strive to help you fulfill it through your daily actions and interactions with others. It is also important to remember to be truly honest with yourself about what you want from life because these desires are directly tied to your soul's purpose, as are your talents and passions."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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