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Here at Bring Forth the Light, we're always brainstorming new ideas to incorporate into the shop. We're very excited to announce two new listings!

Love Within My Life Oracle Card Spread with Psychic Message

This listing includes a personalized oracle card reading and psychic message focusing on how you can invite and embrace love energy within all areas of your life.

1. We will intuitively pull 3 cards from The Romance Angels oracle card deck.

2. A picture of your cards will be shared with you.

3. You will receive a psychic message (1 paragraph in length) from your spiritual team.

*This listing is only available for the month of February!

Sun, Moon, and Shadow Astrological Psychic Reading with Oracle Spread

This psychic reading will focus on providing guidance in relation to your personal strengths and challenges based on your astrological influences.

1. We will intuitively list 5-6 pertinent traits related to your Sun sign.

2. We will intuitively list 5-6 pertinent traits related to your Moon sign.

3. 3 Card Spread from the Moonology Oracle Card deck focusing on current Shadow aspects: challenges/fears to be overcome and/or what you most need to be aware of about YOURSELF. (Picture of the spread will be attached to the reading.)

4. A psychic/channeled Message from your Higher Self (approximately a paragraph in length).

*Important Descriptions: Sun sign describes qualities you know or are developing (conscious mind); Moon sign describes your intuition and emotional tendencies (unconscious mind); Shadow self represents the qualities of ourselves we disown, suppress, deny, or repress from childhood (unconscious).

Blessings, love, and light!

Ellen and Kelly

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*Please note: While some channelers and mediums may be able to predict the future, we do not. The guidance we receive in our channeling is only based on the current energies of the Universe and the client, and these energies are constantly changing which often result in the change of a predicted future event.

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