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Q&A: On Kelly's Spirit Guide Robert

Your spirit guide Robert - why's he with you?

"I had been friend, family, and guide to Kelly as well as many within her familial line for hundreds of incarnations. Some I have incarnated with her and her family, particularly within her paternal ancestral family, and some I have been spirit guide. I am with her in this lifetime to not only guide her spiritual development and serve as a conduit for the channeling of spiritual information for this work that she and Ellen are doing together, but also sharing energies of strength, resolve, and resilience for some of the personal development milestones her soul wished to experience and karmic energies it wished to overcome within this lifetime, as well as within her role as matriarch within her nuclear family and the goals they contracted to together within this lifetime."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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Great question and fantastic answer!

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