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Q&A: On Ghosts and Past Lives

How are spirits/ghosts linked to past lives? I mean why don’t they incarnate if they have something to make amends for or to learn?

"First know that each incarnation is only an aspect of the Oversoul, the Higher Self. Think of an umbrella - there are individual spokes within it to form the stable structure - what is learned in one lifetime is shared with all, thereby allowing the Oversoul to develop in many different ways.

"Ghost" energy occurs mostly in two ways: trauma suffered by the individual, particularly in death or one that was sudden, or an intense emotional connection to something within the lifetime, meaning the aspect of the soul chooses to stay within the Earthly plane of existence. In each case, there is still much to learn and release, but it is up to the aspect of the soul to release their attachments so they can cross over and then process all that has been learned within the specific lifetime. Just as in physical life, it can sometimes be a struggle for spirits/ghosts that resonate too closely with the lower vibrations of Earthly emotions, particularly negative ones, to let go and rise above so they can move forward and find peace, healing, and closure.

When they are ready, they CHOOSE to move on, thus fully completing the incarnation.

Also know that sometimes "ghost" energy is perceived as an entity or being when really it is residual energy left over that has been absorbed by an environment because the energies are so intense. This is often the case in cemeteries, in places where many people died at once, or where acts of violence have been committed. Sometimes it creates a loop, so to speak, an energetic timestamp of action in a certain place, and sometimes it is merely a heaviness of collective energy."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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