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Q&A: On Akashic Records

When do our Akashic Records begin? What about beloved pets, if they haven't been human before - does the life they experience for their unique soul mark the beginning of that soul's record? Or is it back further in their lives?

"Beloved, know that there is truly no beginning or ending date of the Akashic Records - they merely are. You yourself are an eternal being and so these records are also eternal.

First they carried the energy of Creation and, as beings began to evolve and develop, transitioned to hold all the potential choices, alternate timelines, and possible paths, thoughts, emotions, reactions, and actions that an individual could make in any given situation or circumstance based on their personal tendencies, patterns, nature, and influence of past lifetimes. These solidified, we shall say, once choices had been made, thereby allowing insight and guidance for the individual's best and highest good based on choices that had already been made and "recorded" within. They are endless just as you are endless and have always been - they are part of the collective conscious of Source, the Creation and Love energy of All.

For all beings not just humanity, which includes your pets, it is the same, for all are connected to Source and come from Source, and make choices to grow, expand, and experience no matter what form they may be in."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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